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Myles Carlo Morelli

Myles Carlo Morelli

ESR#1 Simulation and prevention of ice formation and shedding on rotorcraft


Politecnico di Milano
University of Glasgow

Short CV

I obtained my Masters in Mechanical with Aeronautical Engineering degree in June of 2017 from the University of Glasgow. A year of my degree was spent in the Aerospace Department of University of New South Wales in Australia. It was here where my first major academic projects in relation to rotorcraft began. Since then I have completed further rotorcraft projects, most notably his Masters Thesis on the Assessment of the Significance of the Vorticity Confinement Technique in Rotorcraft Flows. This piece of research was conducted at Politecnico di Milano for a semester and the work was presented back to the University of Glasgow. I have also competed a rotorcraft aeromechanics course based upon the work of Simon Newman understanding the foundations of helicopter flight.


I have a strong background in numerical modelling and CFD simulations of helicopters.  My forthcoming research will focus on the Simulation and Prevention of Ice Formation and Shedding on Rotorcraft. This inherently unsteady phenomenon will make use of the Politecnico di Milano ice accretion software which provides a general interface allowing different aerodynamic and ice accretion software to communicate and applying it to various helicopter configurations.