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Simone Fasiello

Simone Fasiello

ESR#6 Development of the Phase Aggression Criterion for Adverse Rotorcraft Pilot Coupling Prediction and Real-time Detection (PAC)


University of Liverpool
Politecnico di Milano

Short CV

After earning the BSc in Aerospace Engineering, I graduated with a MSc at Politecnico di Torino in July 2016, majoring in Aircraft Mechanics and Systems. I studied through the Erasmus+ programme at Delft University of Technology, where I wrote my Master’s thesis within the Control & Simulation Department, performing an experiment in the Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory. After graduating, I worked in California as an intern at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for six months.


The research activity carried out during my Master’s thesis focused on the design of a human-in-the-loop experiment to collect data for cybernetic MUAD (Maximum Unnoticed Added Dynamics) development. The main purpose of this research was to have a deeper insight into the human manual control behaviour while changing aircraft dynamics parameters settings. This behaviour was investigated by means of system identification and parameter estimation techniques.