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Sergio Henriques Huecas

Sergio Henriques Huecas

ESR#7 Mitigation of Airwake Hazards


University of Liverpool
University of Glasgow

Short CV

I graduated at Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2015 During the university year I had the opportunity to do an Internship in Maintenance Engineering at the 12th wing of the Spanish Air Force. Madrid in the Summer 2012, and I worked as undergraduate researcher at Polytechnic University of Madrid during the summer of 2013. In 2016 I joined Altran Innovation with a Training grant in R&D Engineering and I worked as Consultant Engineer for Airbus Defence and Space.


During the internship, as undergraduate researcher at the department of propulsion and fluid dynamics of Polytechnic University of Madrid, I performed a computational study on the interaction between flexible structures and incident flow. I also assisted in the setup of experiments related to renewable energy research being performed at the department’s water tunnel. I continued to work in the fluid dynamic field during my Msc Thesis. As part of a wider project to increase efficiency of wind tunnel installations being conducted at the department of aerospace vehicles, I developed a vortex lattice methodology for rapid analysis of ducted fans. This procedure was used to analyze the performance of fan blades and suggest design improvements. While at Altran Innovation I worked at the ARIS Project on the Research and development of hybrid – electric aircraft with propulsion based on boundary layer ingestion.

I was responsible for aerodynamics, propulsion and flight performance. I also took part in coordinating newly incorporated team members and in internal and external project communication.