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Stefano Cavallo

Stefano Cavallo

ESR#5 Rotorcraft Wake modelling


University of Glasgow
Politecnico di Milano

Short CV

I obtained the bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Salento; during this course I had the opportunity to start facing with the engineering world. The master course in Aerospace Engineering provided me the skills to know in deep the engineering challenges and complexity. During my master thesis, titled “Numerical assessment of virtual control surfaces for load alleviation on aero engine turbomachinery blades” I focused on aeroelastic response control of blades using plasma actuators; I modelled the problem with the help of a commercial CFD solver (Ansys CFX) showing that it is possible to reduce the cyclic load amplitude using a proper plasma configuration thus delaying the onset of flutter instability, resulting in a potential remarkable reduction of fatigue phenomena.
From March to June 2018 I did a research internship at the Technical University in Berlin in the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I collaborated with a research team specialised in the aeroelasticity of aeroengines turbomachinery. It was a thrilling experience that threw me into the world of scientific research making me passionate. I’m very curious and always ready to learn more and more.


My PhD research topic at the University of Glasgow and at the Polytechnic of Milan is “Wake Modelling for
Rotary Wings”; in particular I will work on models for the near and far-wake of rotorcraft and wind turbines
using HMB3 code and parallel computing.